Credit Account FAQ

  • Q: What is EASY3?

    A: EASY3 is a simple way of spreading the cost. Instead of paying for your goods all in one go, EASY3 splits the amount you spend into 3 monthly payments. As long as you pay the EASY3 payment on your statement by the due date, we won’t add any interest to your purchases.

  • Q: I don’t have a La Redoute Credit Account, how do I use EASY3?

    A: It really is easy! If you don’t already have one you’ll need to open a La Redoute Credit Account. Once we’ve accepted your application, you can start shopping with EASY3 straight away. Simply add items to your account – everything you buy can qualify for Easy 3!

    We’ll send you your statement each month and your EASY3 payment will show on there. Pay the EASY3 amount by your payment due date and you won’t pay any interest on your purchases.

  • Q: I already have a La Redoute Credit Account, can I use EASY3?

    A: If you already have a La Redoute Credit Account, you can upgrade your account to add the Easy 3 payment option (link to My Account). You’ll only need to do this once, after that just add any items to your Credit Account as usual.

    Only purchases made after you’ve signed up to EASY3 will be eligible. If you have a balance on your account at the point you switch, payments and interest on this part of your balance will be applied in the usual way. The minimum payment on this part of your balance will be included in the EASY3 payment on your statement.

  • Q: Can I use EASY3 every time I order?

    A: There’s no limit to the number of orders you can put on EASY3. Just like now, the only limit is your personal credit limit. You can spread the cost of the total order value including delivery charges.

  • Q: How do EASY3 payments work?

    A: Once you’re signed up to EASY3, you’ll see an EASY3 payment box on your monthly statement for your recent purchases. Pay this by your payment due date and you’ll avoid paying interest on your purchases. Your EASY3 payment will be at least £5 unless your balance is less than this.

  • Q: Can I pay less than my EASY3 payment?

    A: Yes, you can choose to pay the minimum payment shown on your statement instead and your account will be up to date – but interest will be applied each month on your remaining outstanding balance until it’s paid off. Remember, if you choose to always pay the minimum payment, it will cost you more and take you longer to repay.

  • Q: What happens if I miss one of my EASY3 payments?

    A: Missed or late payments will mean interest will be applied to your balance until it’s paid off. You may also have a late payment charge of £12 applied to your account.

    Once your account is up to date you’ll still be able to use EASY3 for any future purchases.

  • Q: There are two payment values on my statement, which one do I need to make?

    A: You can choose. If you want interest free payments, make your EASY3 payment. Your minimum payment is the smallest amount that you can pay.

  • Q: I’ve returned some items, how does this affect my EASY3 payment

    A: Don’t worry. We’ll take this into account when we process your payment. We will spread the cost of the items you’re keeping across 3 months interest free.

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