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Tom Tailor is a German brand which has been around since the 1960s but has recently undergone a huge re-imagining. It was long known as a mid-price fashion label aimed at consumers who demanded quality and style but since August 2014 it has emerged at as a top player in new urban styling. The new look is still aimed at the same consumers but recognises that their dress down philosophy has produced a more self-confident wearer. In a sense, the brand has given people the urge to dress differently and has changed its own look to match their new desires. You can see this in the current Tom Tailor womens clothing collection which ranges from tailored work wear with edgy details like the styled riding jacket to throw-back anti-fashion printed dresses. The range of mid-length denim zip-up skirts and biker-style jeans seems almost conservative at a first glance - it’s only when you get closer that you see the detail and high attention to individuality. Fitted mixed-fabric shirts and comfortable, oversized fisherman sweaters seem to be especially hand-picked for a boutique vintage collection whilst jackets to mix and match with jeans, skirts and dresses are cut to hang and move with the wearer. Tom Tailor is definitely a brand to watch in the seasons to come. Why not buy your favourite piece and be a trendsetter?
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