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Thuasne Sport makes high-quality sportswear for women, including a selection of supportive and comfortable sports bras. It is vital that you are properly supported when taking part in any kind of physical activity, as wearing an inadequate bra can lead to discomfort and pain and potentially have a negative impact on your performance. Whether you are looking for a softer sports bra for a low-impact activity such as yoga or walking or need something more heavy-duty for racquet sports or running, you will find Thuasne Sport has exactly what you need to help you to perform at your best. Sports bras typically have thicker and sturdier straps than everyday bras, providing excellent support and preventing the straps digging into your shoulders or rubbing during even the most strenuous activity. If you require complete freedom of movement, opt for a style with a cross back design. This provides excellent support while freeing up your shoulders, which is great for sports such as tennis or aerobics. Thuasne Sport bras eliminate friction and keep you secure and supported, no matter what activity you are undertaking. Seam-free and moulded cups help to minimise bounce when you are on the move, which is vital to help prevent discomfort and sagging.
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