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From stylish sandals to beautiful bags, Petite Mendigote is the perfect choice for discerning women who want shoes and accessories brimming with style and finesse. Petite Mendigote first enjoyed a surge in popularity among French fashionistas, but the brand’s exquisite combination of boho chic and preppy perfection guaranteed that it would not be confined to one country for long. Today women across the globe yearn for the brand's embroidered bags, suede purses and perfectly-created shoes, which all have sophistication and femininity at the heart of their design. These are shoes and accessories that speak about a woman’s uniqueness and individuality while uniting the fairer sex through their diversity and quality. From the outset the brand’s founder, Sybille Roger Vasselin, aimed to mix a variety of ethnic influences with typical Parisian elegance. The result is collection after collection of shoes and bags that would put a spring in the step of any woman who demands high fashion and the highest quality in every item she buys. Petite Mendigote effortlessly combines hippie chic with detailing, design and a fun factor that makes it a staple name in some of the most stylish, elegant and discerning women’s wardrobes. Will yours be next?
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