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As a company, Palladium has been around since 1920. It originally made tires for aeroplanes, but this was back when the footwear industry was just starting to get off the ground. What happened? Palladium decided to produce footwear as hard-wearing as its aeroplane tires. It produced the legendary Pampa boot, famously worn by the French Foreign Legion. This boot's combination of functionality, comfort and durability was something the company would continue to offer for years to come. From the hot deserts of North Africa to the Atlas Mountains, the Pampa boot can handle it. The classic lines of the Pampa and Pallabrousse boots have enjoyed constant approval as each generation discovers them. The style stands out for its authenticity. You can see the premium material construction and you know it’s no fake. From high street to rain forest, these boots will take you there. Today’s newest lines are just as hard-wearing and practical, but are available is a few more colours and styles. Palladium now offers lines for men, women and children, including bags and accessories. The classic footwear is available in low- or high-top styles, leather or canvas, with or without laces. The latest range, PLDM offers the same quality and durability to a sportswear market.
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