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If you were asked to name the biggest specialist sports brands in the world, Nike is sure to be amongst those at the top of the list. This is because the company is now synonymous with high quality apparel, athletic footwear and sporting accessories that are renowned for being the most technically-flawless and comfortable to be found. The brand is without doubt at the top of its game thanks to a winning combination of performance, comfort and style. This is reflected by the fact that it is the brand of choice for sporting stars across the world, ranging from basketball hero Lebron James to tennis ace Serena Williams and footballing legend Christiano Renaldo. Whatever sport you enjoy, Nike is on hand to offer the most innovative, technologically advanced and comfortable products to boost your performance, whilst making you feel and look in top form. The number of innovative products on offer is almost endless but some of the biggest sporting success stories include the Nike Free TR, ultra-lightweight men’s and women’s shoes that are perfect for training at the gym, and world-renowned Air Max technology with its unrivalled shock-absorbing capabilities provided by the air cushioned soles. The brand's ‘tick’ logo is synonymous with sporting prowess and performance, not to mention style so chic and striking that it would be a shame to restrict it to a single court, pitch, track, or gym.
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