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Mjus is an aspirational female lifestyle footwear brand founded in Italy in 2007. The brand’s credentials are built upon its excellent quality, with the production of the range delivered entirely within the EU to ensure that this quality can be assured and guaranteed at all times.# #Mjus presents female shoes designed to challenge the conventional aesthetic and provide fashion-forward options for women who love to stand out from the crowd. Along with the beautiful designs, the standout element of each piece in the line is the high-quality and distinctive materials choices. The brand has a distinctive look and typically uses high-quality leathers that are distressed and naturally weathered to look aged and loved.# #The Mjus shoe collection is created in Italy and the materials are sourced locally. This is something that customers love, given the implicit style credentials of this fashion-loving country! This could be the brand for you if you love exceptional quality and timeless style aesthetics with modern, quirky twists that challenge the conventional and give you a chance to express your own individual personality and style. You will find shoes, boots, trainers, loafers, deck shoes, heels, wedges and plenty of other styles in the range in various colours and materials. Look out for the stylish and surprising design features and the wonderful attention to detail that is evident in the finishing and style elements.
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