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What on Earth is that? It’s a Marsupilami, described by its creators as a black-spotted yellow-monkey type of creature. Yes, it’s a completely fictional creature who can make a fist with its tail to thump anyone it doesn’t like. Oh yes, and it’s a mammal but it lays eggs...just to confuse the subject a little more. The Marsupilami monkeys first raised their crazed heads in 1952 in the French and Belgian magazine Spirou. But it wasn’t until the 1980s that they got their own gig. Soon afterwards they were starring in their own TV show but you might know them better from the video game of the same name. If you’re a stargazer they might sound familiar - they have an asteroid named after them. So do you know anyone who reminds you of a Marsupilami? If so, the crazy creatures feature in a great collection of underwear and sleepwear in our mens clothing department, perfect for a cheeky gift to let your friend know they’re not alone. Long-legged and long-sleeved pyjamas in rich, soft cotton might calm them down a bit. There are also short-sleeved tops and shorts sets for warmer nights. For that serious friend who is hiding his inner black-spotted yellow-monkey creature, there’s always a pack of socks. No-one need know his true nature until he crosses his legs.
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