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The French label Le Temps Des Cerises is one of those atmospheric brands that brings to mind a certain style and feeling. Its name in English ? Time of Cherries ? seems to say it all, evoking images of long, heady days in the South of France enjoyed at leisure by the privileged few. Le Temps Des Cerises was created in Marseille in 1998 by the Richardière family. This ready-to-wear women’s label has a young, pretty and rock and roll personality, while clearly being a well-known fashion label at the same time. It encapsulates everything that is good about classic, vintage styles ? fringes, visible stitching and embossing ? while simultaneously being new, fresh and clean. The logo of two cherries on a stem encourages you to take a bite and it is this logo on studded belts and jeans that made the brand go international. Le Temps Des Cerises jeans are a solid international fashion item known for their great quality and flattering yet comfortable fit. The denim used is made in Italy and undergoes rigorous ISO testing to ensure quality and durability, and it is this strict quality control that over the years has led to the perfect product. For those looking for men’s clothing to the same standard, the brand sells men’s jeans under the label Japan Rags.
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