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Koko by Koko is a cutting edge London brand determined to bring high quality, sensual fashion to the plus sized market. Offering a range of delicate and feminine womens clothing styles which are still strong and determined, the label knows what it’s saying and how to say it. Fashion isn’t dependent on size and never should be. By taking all the latest catwalk inspirations and cutting them to fit and flatter the body size and shape of the majority of British women, Koko by Koko is redefining fashion and who can be a part of it. The brand’s range is proud to be all inclusive. The designers count not just size but also age as a purely imagined barrier in the pursuit of high fashion and style. With both long and short hemlines, and low and high necks, the label delivers a comprehensive range of dresses, shirts, skirts, tunics, leggings and blouses to suit all women, in sizes 14 to 26. The bold prints and cuts claim back colour and flair for the average-sized woman. Hiding behind a wardrobe of blacks and muted shades is no longer necessary. Koko by Koko cuts are always inspired and the fit is always flattering. Our minus-sized models are only disappointed that they didn’t get to try the clothes themselves.
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