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If you are looking for a French clothing brand that combines cool and contemporary men's fashion with a vintage twist, you should look no further than Japan Rags ? a label that designs footwear and clothing for the modern man. Part of the Le Temps des Cerises clothing brand, Japan Rags draws its inspiration from vintage Japanese clothing. The items that have provided this inspiration include faded jeans, checked shirts, and workwear jackets with mismatched buttons; however, the main focus is denim. This father and son team has focussed on making men's jeans and accessories since 1998 and they share a love of denim, which is clearly demonstrated in the techniques employed to fade the denim they use. These fading techniques make the denim appear worn, which adds to the vintage feel. As the first importers of denim to France from the US in the 1980s, the team clearly has a passion for this fabric. This passion is further demonstrated in a collection that is both original and contemporary, while having a classic vintage feel in its use of both prints and design. In addition to its men's clothing range, Japan Rags has diversified with a collection of kidswear for boys. As with the adult range, the collection includes shirts, jackets and trousers that are practical and hard-wearing while still being stylish and contemporary.
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