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Flip flops, thongs, toe separators - call them what you will, they’re the versatile and comfortable summer footwear worn all over the world. These days, they’re not just for the beach anymore. In the last decade, flip flops have evolved from being functional to fashionable. They are statement shoes for the casual lifestyle lover, for those who want to put the beach philosophy into every element of their life. Team them up with dresses, city shorts or Capri pants and take some summer sun wherever you go. The Ipanema brand encapsulates this feeling while bringing innovation and comfort into the look. In Brazil, Ipanema is the hottest flip flop brand. Using the flexible, hardwearing and environmentally-friendly ""melfex"" as a sole, the brand gives you more style and less flip and flop, making the casual look far more elegant and wearable. The quality of the materials allows all-day wear without foot strain or discomfort. They are famously practical too; there’s none of the worry of the toe piece popping out as can happen with other brands where soles can warp and twist. The style is so Brazilian too - it’s cute and fun and wants to dance. From the simplest single colour styles and discreet black flip flops to multi-coloured silver and gold tropical prints, the Ipanema brand really knows how to party.
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