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Gola is a very British brand. It sounds European, but it was actually a name dreamed up in Leicester back in 1905, with deliberate similarity to the word goal.# #The brand is very much about sport. It was even the sponsor of the comic book footballer Roy of the Rovers. Then in the 1960s and 70s, form and function started to blend together. The iconic sports bags hit the market and exploded in popularity. The brand became an international fashion label overnight, while still holding on to its sportswear ideology. The range is still all about sportswear, but anyone pulling on a pair of Gola shoes today, is just as likely to be heading out for a coffee as a kick-around. Trainers and tracksuits are still bread and butter and its distinctively styled, ""Harrier"" and ""Chase"" shoes are ever popular. But with collaborations with fashion leaders such as Liberty Art Fabrics and Mallalieus, and throwback collections of its own designs, this is a hard brand to pigeonhole. Recently, the brand has embraced its street wear and retro identity, especially with its men’s clothing and women’s clothing lines. Quattro low trainers are recent editions, the perfect combination of everything Gola. An everyday shoe, the Quattro clinches that quintessentially English trainer look while there’s something instinctively, 1970s about it. We can’t quite put our finger on it. Think, cool dad running you to the local disco in his new Ford Capri, and you’ll be close.
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