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Gaston Lagaffe is an extremely well-known and popular comic strip character in Europe and his daily antics have been published in Spirou magazine in France and Belgium since 1957. The comic strip covers the life of the eponymous hero, who is an accident-prone and idle junior office worker ? in fact, 'la gaffe' means 'the blunder' in French. The antics of Gaston Lagaffe have been published in over 12 languages and are especially well known in Belgium and France; however, they are not yet available in English, apart from a few translated pages in the early 1990s in Fantagraphics magazine. The good news is that comic strip lovers in the UK can also enjoy the character thanks to a range of exclusive merchandise and clothing. At La Redoute we sell a range of Gaston Lagaffe men's clothing in the pyjama line. You will love the bright colours, soft fabrics and fun cartoon graphics displayed on the front of each sleepwear top. We sell short-sleeved and long-sleeved men's lounge and sleepwear in this line, with shorts and pyjama bottom options. If you are looking for a fun and comfortable set of pyjamas for a cartoon-loving male in your life, this could be the perfect choice for you!
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