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Eminence is one of Europe’s most important manufacturers of quality and affordable men’s underwear. The brand also has incredible heritage, having been in business for over 70 years! Today its clothing classics are evolving along with the demands of its modern male customers and it offers the best of traditional heritage classics with modern twists. We are proud to stock a regularly updated selection of products from each of the seasonal collections.# #Eminence sells a wide range of highly-comfortable, attractive and affordable men’s underwear and nightwear. You will find boxers, shorts, briefs, vests, T-shirts, pyjamas and more. The attention to quality is evident in the fine cotton fabric choices, with every item in the range designed in high-quality, hypoallergenic cottons to allow your skin to breathe, not to experience any irritation, and to ensure that the skin’s delicate mantle is preserved. This means that your underwear is extremely comfortable and enjoyable to wear, with carefully stitched seams that don’t rub and thoughtful finishes that demonstrate the quality approach.# #Eminence underwear and nightwear is worn by men of all ages who have one thing in common ? a desire to enjoy wearing stylish, classic and beautifully-made underwear that makes their clothing look as good as possible and provides an excellent fit, all at affordable prices that represent excellent value for money.
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