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So much more than mere footwear, Converse is a brand that is intrinsically connected with classic American style going back more than a century. The history of the brand reflects the history of the mighty USA, weaving together the stories of the legends and idols that found fame through one of the main facets of the American Dream: sport. Now undeniably one of the most recognised shoe brands in the world, the company started life rather humbly back in 1908, producing rubber galoshes. It soon became clear that the high quality rubber could be better utilised in the soles of sneakers aimed at basketball players and thus the now iconic “All Star” Converse sprang into life. Soon, it was not just athletes wearing the brand but people from all walks of life. The shoes are worn to work, to school, on a night out and for leisure. They perfectly complement all looks and styles, however eclectic, and are seen as standard on the feet of celebrities all over the world. Constantly evolving, while always remaining true to its beginnings, Converse produces footwear for all ages and no wardrobe is truly complete without a pair. Celebrate your individuality and choose the perfect pair today.
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