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Whether you want the perfect cut-offs to wear to a festival, denims to reach to your waist, or you are searching for the ideal skinny jeans to complement your winter boots, Cimarron has the answer. The brand’s Latin-sounding name is no accident; the company was started by the Saez Merino family from Spain at the start of the 1980s. Since then, Cimarron has gone from strength-to-strength, becoming the go to women’s clothing range for ladies who want their denim to flatter their figure and fit to perfection. The ever-changing Cimarron range will prove a constant temptation if you want denim for every occasion, from subtle olive dyes for sophisticated afternoon events to traditional blues for the most casual of occasions. The brand is committed to moving with the times and reflects trends of the time, from high waisted to skinny jeans, whilst still sticking to the core values of creating denim that both flatters and fits. Following fashion has never been as easy - or as comfortable - as it becomes once you discover the variety on offer from the brand that still calls Paris its base. Different generations of one family can dress in this brand, such is the diversity on offer, and whilst young women love the nods to high fashion, their passion is matched by slightly older women whose purchases are more likely to be based on what suits their figure.
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