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Maybe you haven’t heard of Calimero. The cult cartoon chick is widely popular in Italy and across Southern Europe but is probably known in the UK only to true animation fans. Those who do know him can’t help but love him as he’s the ‘black sheep’ of the family. This hapless little chick is the only black member of a family full of fluffy yellow brothers and sisters. He’s always in and out of trouble and has never quite managed to get rid of the half a shell on his head left over from when he hatched… not that he cares. But believe it or not, he’s been around since the 1960s. Calimero originally popped up on the Italian network television show Carosello and somehow achieved instant success, winning the hearts of children and adults alike. He was so popular that he started advertising products across Italy from chocolate to soap. In recent years, Calimero has seen a huge surge in popularity as fans across the world have got to know him better. To celebrate this, we’re offering a range of bedding and bed wear for all the big kids out there who can’t get enough of this cute animated chick. The high quality cotton printed bed set features all your favourite characters. The pyjamas in our mens clothing section state the simple message ‘Beau Gosse’ and are available in long or short sleeves, perfect for the black sheep of the family.
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