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Billet Doux creates stunningly beautiful lingerie in a variety of styles and for a wide range of tastes. So whether you are a fan of the fun and flirty look or prefer classic designs in black or white lace, the brand has something to flatter and please every shape. The right underwear not only makes you feel good, it can enhance the way your clothes sit on your body and accentuate your favourite bits while skimming over those you are not so keen on. Billet Doux has an array of lingerie pieces in all the colours of the rainbow. You'll also find cute embellishments such as pretty bows or lace detailing. Choose matching pieces for a classic put together look, or go for contrasting colours and designs to add a touch of fun and playfulness to your underwear. Both bras and knickers are available in a wide range of styles. Choose from push-up bras or soft cup styles, and take your pick from a variety of pretty knickers, including shorts, classic briefs, thongs and tanga briefs. Billet Doux really does cater for every woman and it has just the thing to support, flatter or enhance you in any way you like.
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