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From bikinis to dresses, the Banana Moon collection has everything that a dedicated follower of fashion could want. Why choose the everyday when you can choose the exceptional? Why opt for items that will make you blend in with the crowd when you can go for women’s clothing and swimwear that will put you streets ahead in the style stakes? Even when there’s cloud in the sky, this range of Californian sunwear and swimwear will make you shine. Banana Moon’s trademark tropical prints and gloriously bold colours cannot fail to make you feel good - whatever the weather. Some people go for swimwear that is purely practical but with Banana Moon there is no need to compromise when it comes to style. Featured in some of the world’s top fashion magazines and adorning many of the planet’s most beautiful bodies, this is the range for women who want to outshine the pack when it comes to fashion choice. From cheeky halter-necks that look as perfect with cut-offs as they do with their matching bikini briefs, to dresses that would fit the scene in almost any bar, this brand offers outfit choices for a multitude of settings. You’ll want to wear them all the time and not just once in a blue (Banana) Moon.
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