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Folding Eucalyptus Oblong Table, 6-Seater

Colour Light eucalyptus wood
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Go green! This oblong garden table is part of the eco-friendly furniture range made from wood from carefully managed forests (chairs and armchairs available online).
QUALITY & VALUE for the sturdy feel and quality of its manufacturing.

- FSC* eucalyptus.
Teak stained finish.

- Central hole for sun shade.
- Layered table top.
- 6-seater.
Folding 6-seater eucalyptus oblong table, ready to assemble with instructions included.

- Top: L125 x D80 x H75cm.
Folded: L125 x H108 x D34cm.

This clever table folds away and takes up next to no space in your garage or garden shed during winter.

Eucalyptus is a very high quality hardwood. It is naturally resistant to insects and fungi. Oil twice a year to maintain its appearance (bottle of oil for exotic wood also sold on this website).

*FSC wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and guarantees that the forest is sustainably managed, that the wood is legal and traceable, that it supports biodiversity and that it respects local communities.

This garden table will be delivered to your door. 42340.4784953704 141 PRODUCTION