68110 Relugan Tanned Sheepskin Stroller Liner, Natural

Colour Natural
Relugan tanned sheepskin liners by Kaiser are carefully chosen for their luxurious quality. If you sleep with the new sheepskin for a few days, it will become impregnated with your scent.
Then when your baby sleeps on it, your scent will help calm and soothe baby at sleep time. Sheepskins are electrical semi-conductors. This means they allow the natural exchange of ions between the body and the environment and prevent static charge. Sheepskin absorbs sweat and toxins from the body and wicks them away 7 times faster than synthetic materials.
It contains a substance similar to that found in human skin and is kind on the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Plus it has impressive insulation properties, making it ideal to use in both winter and summer.
Relugan tanning is a special, non-polluting tanning process. This process is continuously monitored by certified ecological institutes. The sheepskin is shorn to a pile height of 30mm and is golden yellow in appearance. However the sheepskin is not dyed, the colour is obtained from the tanning process. It does not contain any toxic products. These sheepskins are easy-care and can be hung in fresh air as they self-clean. What's more they are machine washable at 30°C using a special sheepskin detergent, just as you would wash a wool jumper (not advised to maintain the softness of the sheepskin)

100% sheepskin certified according to Okeo-tex standard 100.
Supplied in a cotton bag
Machine washable at 30°C

100% sheepskin certified according to Okeo-tex standard 100.
Supplied in a cotton bag.
The length and colour may vary depending on the animal and the length of their coat (short pile): 80-90cm
Height: 3cm
Colour natural
Suitable from birth to 36 months
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